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Tamara Corbin
Business Consultant

Email: tcorbin@paymaster.net
Toll Free: (888) 717-5577
Office Palm Beach: (561) 735-9969
Mobile: (561) 345-0938
Fax: (888) 979-8791


What Constitutes a Good Referral To Tamara Corbin at PayMaster

1) The following describes the type of products or services I offer:

Paymaster offers a full suite of Human Capital Management, HR and Payroll services including:

HR Services and HRIS include:

● Announcements, Events

● Asset Tracking

● Online Benefit Enrollment

● Checklists

● Credentials

● Disabilities

● Education

● Forms

● Employee Emergency Contact Report

● EEO Ethnicity Report

● EEO-1 Report

● EEO-4 Headcount Report

● OSHA 300 Report

● OSHA 301 Report

● OSHA 300A Report

● EEO, OSHA, Custom

● Incidents

● Organization Chart

● Performance Reviews

● Termination Details

● Trainings/Certification

● Vehicles

● Workers Claims

With PayMaster's HR On-Demand, you will receive UNLIMITED consultations with HR Professionals over the phone or via email. You will get answers to your employment law compliance and employee relationship questions, customization of employee handbooks, job descriptions, forms, letters, and more!

● Employee Handbook Development: Schedule a consultation with an HR Pro to develop a custom Employee Handbook and a plan for implementation. We will even review your existing handbook for compliance.

● Policy Library: Library of standard business policies

● State and Federal Laws: Written in easy to understand terms.

● HR Forms: Library of business, state and federal forms.

● 3-Minute HR Audit: Assess the effectiveness of your HR functions.

● eAlerts: Instant notification for important law updates.

● HR Checklists: Checklists to help organize business tasks.

● HR Guides: Various guidelines providing helpful references in following particular business procedures.

● Benefits: Coverage of core concepts


SUI Unemployment Claim service:

● Process all unemployment claims

● Handle all state agency phone calls

● Adjudicate each case with the state agency

● Advise/recommend when an appeal is appropriate

● File all necessary appeals at every level of the process

● Documentation Management

● Hearing Consultation and Preparation

● Benefit Charge Auditing

● Unemployment Tax Rate Verification & Voluntary Contribution Analysis

● Periodic Training Webinars

● Monthly newsletter

● Power of Attorney Preparation and Submission

● Representation at telephone hearings - $100 (flat)

● Representation at in-person hearings - $200 (flat)


Time Labor Management includes:

● Web Clock

● Mobile Phone App access

● Schedules

● Manager Approval

● Time Off Request

● Time Off Accrual


Payroll Service includes:

● Payroll Processing

● Labor Distribution

● Retirement Plans/ 401K

● Payroll Reporting

● Benefit Tables

● Notifications

● Employee Portal

● Pay Statements

● W/2, 1099

● Quarterly tax filings

● Online Forms (I-9 & Withholding)

● Benefit Statement

● Direct Deposit Management

● ACA Reporting



2) Examples of Qualifies Referrals for me would be :

1. CPAs, Business Consultants, Bankers (professions that have a book of business, servicing medium to large size companies with 100 - 1,000+ employees)

2. Decision Makers with titles such as CEO, CIO, President, HR Director, Purchasing Director in these areas:

○ Hospitality Businesses - franchise chains, hotels, restaurants

○ Businesses in the following industries:

■ Non-Profit

■ Construction

■ Marine

■ Home Healthcare/Nursing Facilities

■ Grocery Stores

■ Auto Dealers

■ Physician/Dental offices


3) Examples of Referrals that are NOT what I need are:

● Non-Decision makers in the organization that are NOT qualified to select a new payroll/HR provider.

● Startups and businesses with only 1 or 2 employees are typically not ideal but I’m always willing to have a conversation.


4) The Perfect Referral for me is:

● CPAs

● Any company that is currently with an alternate payroll company and is unhappy with their service and cost structure/expenditures.


5) Notable Mention

PayMaster is:

● On the Board of Directors for the Pompano Beach, Margate & Lighthouse Point Chambers of Commerce.

● Over 25+ years record of never missing a payroll

● Vice President, Independent Payroll Providers Association

● Treasurer, Payroll Fraud Prevention Group Inc.



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