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Alliette Chignoli
Benefits Consultant / Recruiter

Direct: 954-789-4592
Email: ac@healthcaresolutionsnow.com
Benefit Consultant Position please go to: www.healthcaresolutionsnow.com
Membership Dental Plus programs: www.savingshealthcareplans.com 
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/HCSolutionsNow/

Hablo Espanol

By the way, for each membership purchased, I donate 10% to Pets’ Broward; plus it allows me to continue fostering and helping dogs that need urgent help.

What Constitutes a Good Referral To Alliette Chignoli

The following describes the type of products or services I offer:

AmeriPlan provides affordable discounted healthcare plans for individuals, family and groups. The healthcare plans work as a membership – once you have AmeriPlan card you can utilize the network of providers and get up to 80% discounts on the following services.

- Dental Plus Plan includes Dental, Vision, Chiropractic, Prescriptions Drugs - $24.95 a month / includes the entire household
- Med Plus Plan includes Telemedicine, Ancillary Services, Health and Hospital advocacy, prescription drugs - $24.95 a month / includes entire household
- Deluxe Plan – Combo - $39.95 a month includes the entire household

Examples of Qualifies Referrals for me would be:

- Business Owners or Decision Makers that would like to offer additional supplement to employees – or do not have any coverage or partial coverage

- Family or individual that would like to have dental, vision, chiropractic and prescriptions plans

- Strategic partners – insurance agents, financial advisors,

Examples of Referrals that are NOT what I need are:

- People looking for medical insurance

The Perfect Referral for me is:
- Business owners that have no coverage for their employees or need to provide extra supplements

Notable Mention: Ameriplan is NOT an insurance company and we do not provide healthcare medical coverage


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